Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blind Creek Trail now receiving directional signage!

I'm pumped about this. I rode west along High Street Road to travel on the EastLink Trail today and I noticed to my surprise that the Blind Creek Trail now has 3 directional signs around the Cathies Lane / High Street Road intersection. Now, Knox City Council said they were going to quickly implement directional signage, as they highlighted the lack of signage as a major factor contributing to cyclists not using the Knox City Council shared paths. I hope this is the start of the large signage installation program and I hope to see more signs along knox bike tracks in the near future. As long as they have the right names (e.g. "Belgrave Rail Trail" and "Stud Road Trail" instead of things along the lines of "Oppy Trail"), because a trail name has to reflect the Geographic characteristics of an area, such as a major park, precinct, creek/river or road.

Myself and many others have always regarded Knox City Council to be one of the most cycling friendly councils in Victoria, due to the fact that there are about 80-90km of trails which lie within or on the border of Knox, which makes some very good cycling circuits (The Dandenong Creek Trail / EastLink Trail / Blind Creek Trail / Belgrave Rail Trail is an excellent cycling loop, taking in the top half of Knox), but they were a pain to navigate. You would have to look at the Melways or OpenCycleMap and other websites first to find out where to go so you don't get lost. Go Knox Council! Keep up the great work!

Look at the Bicycle Victoria page on Knox City Council for some information on the cycling related projects being put forward as well a a link to the latest Knox Council bicycle plan.