Monday, August 17, 2009

Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail Realignment - Bayswater Station to begin.

Over at Bayswater Station, cyclists journeys will be made safer by the construction of two sections of new shared path (Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail) through the car park of the station. Currently you have to ride through the car park on the road. This will soon be fixed. Unfortunately, they will not be increasing the width of the path where the bus stops are, but it is an improvement otherwise. Here is the link to the press release which includes a plan of the changes. Besides the new path sections, there will also be minor realignments of roads in the car park, as well as the relocation of lost parking spaces to the southern side of the existing car park. Construction is set to commence August 24, 2009 and is set to be completed in a 10 week timeframe, by November 2009.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My new inititive: Home-made trail directional signs!

First off, I will dust off the cobwebs on this site. While I have still been micro-blogging with Twitter updates (, I haven't posted a blog post for over two months. By continuing the twittering, I am still holding up to my promise that this site won't die. As always, there will be some form of activity on this site, either through Blogger or Twitter, at least once every calendar month.

Anyways, I have had a brain wave. I am getting sick of riding on trails and simply seeing no directional signage, so I figured, I should make some of my own! Firstly, I will simply print out black and white signs which are similar in style to plank signs and attach them to fences, posts or any other surface I can find. I will start experimenting with this concept and will report back here on how I have gone.

Feel free to suggest designs, ways to print / mount the signs, where signs are required etc. by leaving a comment.