Thursday, October 9, 2008

First post on the Melbourne Bike Routes blog!

Welcome to the Melbourne Bike Routes blog. My name is Luke W and I will keep this blog updated with news and reviews of Melbourne's bicycle network. If a new path I know about is under construction or opening, I will keep you updated. I will also express my thoughts on the state of parts of the bicycle network which can be easily improved, in such ways as better signage, line markings and realignments, in a hope to raise awareness of these issues and get a step closer to these problems being fixed.

Feel free to contact me with any news or suggestions by posting comments. Thank you.

My first image is of the Dandenong Creek Trail / EastLink Trail running through southern Koomba Park. Ever since this hugely popular section of the gravel Dandenong Creek Trail was upgraded, visitor numbers to Koomba Park have definitely jumped thats for sure!

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