Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UPDATE: Burwood Highway Pedestrian Bridge construction

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I went for a quick ride around the west side of Knox this afternoon just to check some progress on a few things, and one thing I saw was a mobile electronic road sign notifying motorists the Burwood Highway will be closed at the pedestrian bridge site from 8:00 pm Friday May 29 to 11:00 am Saturday May 30. This full closure will allow for the erection of the pedestrian bridge over Mountain Highway. This is a major milestone which is a long time coming. Also, according to the VicRoads road updates section of their website, construction on the bridge is set to cease on June 19, so if all goes well, we should see the bridge being open before the end of this financial year!


Joe said...

Time this is taking to finish is becoming a bit of a joke!

geekNotNerd said...

The GODgle Streetview? image of Burwood Highway Ped bridge doesn't seem to be working corectly;- at least not for me right now. The other photo looks like the intersection with Springvale Rd, is that where the bridge will be?