Monday, February 23, 2009

Parts of the new "Victorian Bicycle Plan" are dripping through

This is exciting. The government is currently completing it's first major bicycle infrastructure review in over two decades. It was meant to be released this month but because of the tragic bushfires, this has now been pushed to March. Luckily, The Age has some leaked details which include

  • Bicycle lanes on William and La Trobe Streets
  • CBD blanket speed limit of 40 km/h to increase safety for cyclists
  • Bicycle infrastructure to become mandatory for ALL new road projects.
While these leaked details are great, we need bicycle lanes on more inner city streets, plus a double bicycle lane (2 bike lanes side by side in one direction like a two lane carriageway) between St. Kilda and the Capital City Trail in North Fitzroy. We also need the Capital City Trail to be upgraded so the entire length is free of stairs (the ones near CityLink are being bypassed as we speak) and is 3 metres wide at all points except where it is unfeasible to do so. And every major break in the currently constructed off-road network needs the gaps removed.

Keep an eye on my blog in the near future for more updates as the release of the plan gets closer.

Source: Melbourne to get more bike lanes from The Age.

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