Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gallery: Burwood Highway Pedestrian Bridge

Sorry I didn't post these up on Friday as I previously stated. I simply didn't have the time, but I do now. Here is a few quick snaps I have taken of the current state of the construction of the Burwood Highway Pedestrian bridge. Riders who do not reside around the area and only cycle around this area occasionally should find the following images useful.

Approach to Burwood Highway on the north side.
Closer shot of the approach to Burwood Highway on the north side.

Burwood Highway northern ramp.
Damaged EastLink Trail sign which has been tossed aside as construction continues.
Burwood Highway northern ramp as seen from southern side.
New bridge spans which were delivered to the site on Wednesday.
Another obscured view of the two spans.
Close-up view of one span. Notice the handrails.
Where the southern side ramp joins the existing trail.
The southern approach ramp.

I simply cannot wait until this bridge is finished, along with the Maroondah Highway bridge later this year (hopefully).

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